Simple solution tackling
climate change

Our Mission

Investing in innovations that will make the transition to sustainable, reliable and low-carbon energy production as fast as possible is one of top priorities of the Amper Group.

CO2IN is our newest and possibly the most ambitious project. It aims to turn European businesses, communities and citizens into active participants in the fight against global warming. How? By reducing the complicated and bureaucratic system of emission control to a simple app.


About CO2IN

The main goals of this project are:

  • to increase the demand for the EU ETS emission allowances
  • to introduce the EU ETS system to the non-EU countries and motivate them to implement the system globally
  • extension of EU ETS to all sectors
  • to make the process of reducing emissions, traditionally weighted down by the complex tax and legislative measures, simple and transparent
  • to make carbon-efficient production accessible to everyone

Welcome to education version with no real currency. You can top up maximum 10 000 CO2IN. Please use fake credit cards numbers, you can create them for example here:

The CO2IN app is available now for iOS and we are working hard on Android.

The CO2IN enables institutions and individuals alike to take part in protecting our climate. This is how The CO2IN works:

About CO2IN sipka About CO2IN

Video: The CO2IN Launch

Presentation of new mobile app tackling climate change truly and simply.

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About us

Since its founding in 2011, the Amper Group has been searching for ways to develop a decentralized renewable energy system. One of the main tasks on agenda was to enable cities, local communities, businesses and individuals to effectively lower their carbon footprint and grant them access to the renewable energy market through the virtual power plant. To make this happen, it was necessary to create fair market conditions and remove regulations that had prevented private entities from entering the energy sector successfully.

Currently, the Amper Group focuses on the further development of the following tools:

  • Energy Savings
  • Renewable Resources
  • Offseting

The development and subsequent use of these tools are handled by individual companies within the group, namely by Amper Savings, a.s. (energy savings), Amper Asset Management, s.r.o. (development, financing and operation of renewable sources) and ROAD to INTEREST s.r.o. (the CO2IN project). The other two companies belonging to the Group - Amper Industry, s.r.o. and Amper Meteo, s.r.o. - help to implement the Group's joint vision in the field of design, construction, installation, measuring or regulation. Amper Meteo also specializes in weather forecasts for the energy sector. Such forecasts are essential to ensure that the renewables, heat sources and cogeneration units run efficiently.

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