Our Mission

We believe the key to tackling climate change is a fast transition to sustainable energy production. That's why we created CO2IN.

CO2IN (read and pronounced like the English "coin") is a virtual tool that enables companies and individuals alike to fight climate change. Via CO2IN’s simple mobile app, anyone can buy and trade the emission allowances that would otherwise be used by Europe's greatest emitters to produce more CO2.

The main goals of this project are:

  • to increase the demand for the EU ETS emission allowances
  • to introduce the EU ETS system to the non-EU countries and motivate them to implement the system globally
  • to extend the EU ETS to all sectors
  • to make the process of reducing emissions - traditionally weighted down by the complex tax and legislative measures - simple and transparent
  • to make carbon-efficient production accessible to everyone


Welcome to education version with no real currency. You can top up maximum 10 000 CO2IN. Please use fake credit cards numbers, you can create them for example here: www.getcreditcardinfo.com

Full version of CO2IN will be available in 2Q 2021.

About CO2IN

The CO2IN enables institutions and individuals alike to take part in protecting our climate. This is how The CO2IN works:

CO2IN - how it works


Flying around the globe or buying stuff that travelled from the other side of the world? Make up for it and reduce your carbon footprint easily and effectivelywith CO2IN.

Download the demo version of the app and become a part of the community. The live app will be available in April 2021.


Don't want to risk being accused of greenwashing? Make an actual difference by reducing your company's carbon footprint.

Especially in combination with energy savings and renewable energy, CO2IN allows your company to easily achieve carbon neutrality. Get in touch with us and find out more.


Are you a municipality or regional government interested in reducing your carbon footprint? Do you want to motivate your citizens to act ecologically?

CO2IN can help make your community carbon neutral. People can pay with CO2IN as well as be rewarded with CO2IN in line with policies of your county, region or city.

About us

The CO2IN project was developed by Amper, a Prague-based provider of services in the field of renewable energy. Since its founding in 2011, Amper has been developing decentralized renewable energy systems. Amper's key task is to enable cities, communities, businesses and individuals to effectively lower their carbon footprint and grant them access to the renewable energy market. This aim is being pursued by individual companies within the group, namely by Amper Savings (focused on energy savings), Amper Asset Management (active in the field of development, financing and operation of renewable sources), and ROAD to INTEREST, which operates the CO2IN project. Further subsidiaries of Amper Holding are Amper Industry (responsible for the design, construction, installation and measuring of energy production facilities), and Amper Meteo (specialized in weather forecasts for the energy sector).

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